Ursula Stone. The space between

Ursula Stone. The space between

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W: 50cm (19.7")H: 40cm (15.7")

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'The space between'.

40 x 50 cm.

Oils on Canvas.



Ursula’s striking sought after life drawings are often drawn from moving models using a variety of implements including feathers, twigs, sticks and fingers. She uses Chinese inks and sometimes walnut ink as well as wax resist crayons and pastels. She captures the essence of the human form in its many expressions through simple gesture lines bringing with minimal strokes a strong statement which includes a title that enhances the image.

Her oil paintings also lean toward minimalism and her theme at the moment is ‘The Elements’ latterly working with Air.  Her paintings fall into the genre of abstract landscape or inner landscape deeply worked through using brushes and palette knives.