About Us

Nicholas Bowlby has been dealing in paintings for over 40 years. 

We deal in works of art, old and new, scruffy and smart, with little brand awareness but instead a desire to feel enthused by each new discovery and to pass that on to our customers.

The Gallery has been featured in the following media:

The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph Magazine, The Observer, The Guardian, The Independent, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, Evening Standard, Country Life, Homes and Gardens, Interiors, Ideal Home, Antique Collecting, National BBC, Channel 4, ITV, various local media, as well as being featured in a chapter in Philip Mould's Book on the art market: 'Sleepers; in search of Lost Old Masters'.

We are happy to provide personal advice either by telephone or by email.  Unfortunately we are unable to welcome visitors at the house as it is a private family home but we hold regular exhibitions in London and also exhibit at London art fairs.


Latest Items

Eliot Minor. Untitled. (Colour Chrome No 2)

£600.00 Framed. Approx $825.31, €702.58, £600

Eliot Minor. 'Untiled. (Linear Thread No 2).

£600.00 Framed Approx $825.31, €702.58, £600

Peter Sparrey. Red Bowl.

£350.00 Approx $481.43, €409.84, £350

Henrietta Stuart. Blue Headland.

£2,300.00 Framed Approx $3163.69, €2693.21, £2300

Tori Day. 'Feathers McGraw'

£380.00 Framed Approx $522.7, €444.96, £380

Tori Day. 'they've all gone away'


Nick Bush. Red Mullet 1

£450.00 Framed Approx $618.98, €526.93, £450

Joseph Davey. Back to the Cherry Tree.

£650.00 Unframed Approx $894.09, €761.12, £650

Nick Bush. Trout.

£450.00 Framed Approx $618.98, €526.93, £450

Judith Kuehne. 'Celadon Series. Shadowed Bowl'

£1,600.00 Framed. Approx $2200.83, €1873.54, £1600

Anthony Murphy. The Chefs.

£6,000.00 Hand made Frame. Approx $8253.09, €7025.76, £6000

Roo Waterhouse. About Florence.