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Roo Waterhouse

Code: 10858     Dimensions:W 62cm (24.4")H 31cm (12.2")


 ‘Observer’s Books’.

31 x 62 cms

Oils on Canvas.



Over the last six years, since graduating from Leeds Metropolitan University, Roo Waterhouse has established herself as a figurative painter with a fascination for domestic narrative, exhibiting widely across the North of England and London in solo exhibitions, open exhibitions and competitions. She was a finalist in the Artist and Illustrator ‘Artist of the Year 2013’ show at The Mall Galleries, London.

Roo’s sensitively detailed oil paintings observe and appreciate our relationship with the familiar artefacts in our everyday surroundings. Whether cherished or ignored, the individual belongings we accumulate in our homes – hairpins on a dressing table; a cupboard full of coats; a row of books on a shelf – each resonate with their story and together form an echo of personal and family identity.
Roo specialises in ‘Shelf-Portraits’.   Roo’s ‘Shelf-Portrait’ paintings are a colourful glimpse into individual lives. She is particularly enamoured with the way that we all bring our own story to the reading of a book, and each take a different story away, and her ‘Shelf-Portrait’ paintings are little personal poems, celebrating the significance of our treasured books.

Roo Waterhouse