Patrick O'Donnell

Code: 10328     Dimensions:W 150cm (59.1")H 120cm (47.2")


'Origins No 6'
Oils on Canvas.
120 x 150 cms.


The 'Origins' series is a response to
Hubble Telescope imagery, offering
a dialogue between the canvas and
our place in the cosmos.

The painting process echoes those
found in star formation-
matter fuses, pigments coalesce,
the density glows.
“Look at your hand. It is made of atoms,
mostly carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen.
These atoms did not always exist;
they were produced inside stars.”
Daniel Altschuler, Director
Arecibo Observatory
Puerto Rico

Mr O'Donnell is one of my favourite gay bearded Brighton-based artists"
David Walliams

Patrick O'Donnell