Milie McCallum

Milie McCallum

Code: 10327


W: 52cm (20.5")H: 72cm (28.3")

£1,400.00 Approx $1830.07, €1543.55, £1400

‘Pig – Primrose at Water’
Mixed Media. Signed
Signed 72 x 52 cms


The inspiration for Millie's paintings come from a fascination with birds and animals and how she can then translate their ‘character’ using oils and enamels to produce vivid colours usually on a large scale. Colour, size and simple composition are used in an adventurous and exuberant way so that each painting does not become merely an animal ‘study’ but a portrait of an actual animal or bird, and beneath it all is her own energetic personality which touches the paintings with  humour. The paint is extravagantly used and her painting clothes are as striking as her work. And roughly the same combinations of colours.