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Alex Uxbridge

Code: 10229     Dimensions:W 32cm (12.6")H 32cm (12.6")


'The Poacher's Van, Moonlight'.

Oils on Canvas.

32" x 32".




Introduction by Jan Morris.

So do these pictures seem to me when I view them in recollection - simplicity tainted, or spiced, with ambiguity. And when I return to view them actually on the wall, it is precisely their ambiguity that fascinates me. Fresh their colours certainly do look, when I inspect them again, sweetly pastoral are the rural scenes, excitingly metropolitan Piccadilly and Trafalfar Square.  It is easy to think of Alex Uxbridge then as a straightforward traditionalist, simply observing the world. But presently that other truth reveals itself, and I am entangled by the strangeness of his subltle art.
In my mind then the mountain shadows pervade the pictures, I discover touches of the grotesque or even the sinister within these frames, and it occurs to me that the minute silent fisherman just to be detected on the shores of Red Wharf Bay, alone in the empty winds beside a cold, cold sea - that melancholy figure may perhaps be you or me.


Alex Uxbridge